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So valentines day is only two days away What are you going to cook

At valentines day we all love to impress our loved ones with our culinary skills. Heres a chance to show off with a few easy and relatively cheap meals to wow your partner.
- So lets start with a few fantastic starters.

Tomato basil and mozzarella salad drizzled with a rich balsamic coolis.

- 150ml Balsamic vinegar
- 50g Fresh Basil
- 2 buffalo mozzarella balls
- 2 large ripe vine tomatoes
- 20ml olive oil
- 50g black olives (optional)

- very small saucepan
- a sharp knife
- 2 white china plates

1- Firstly place the balsamic vinegar in a small pan and reduce on a low heat until it is about a third of its original volume. The liquid should not run easily when reduced sufficiently. To test drop a small amount on a cold plate and allow to cool. If the coolis is reduced enough it should slowly drip when the plate is turned on its side. Once ready allow to cool for two hours in the fridge.
2- Next cut your mozzarella into 4mm slices. Take care when doing this not to squash the mozzarella or tear it whilst cutting. Best way to avoid this is using a very sharp non serrated knife and applying minimal pressure on the mozzarella with blade.
3- Do the same with the tomatoes applying the same technique as with the mozzarella. Brush the tomatoes with olive oil and set aside.
4- Pick the basil leaves as shown in the picture and your all set to create your tower.
5- Arrange your tomato basil and mozzarella into layers as shown in the picture on the centre of a plate.
6- Drizzle with balsamic coolis ensuring you get a decorative effect on the plate as well as a small amount over the tomato towers. This can be done through a squeazy bottle that has a fine teet to it ( no move than 2mm diameter), or it can be done using a teaspoon with a small amount of coolis and as it drips on the plate move your hand in a very quick spiralling circlular motion. Honestly thought the easiest way is the first.
7- Finish by grinding a small amount of sea salt and pepper over the top.

this italian influenced dish will impress your partner and is so simple to do.