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Roast beef and how to prepare forerib

Firstly then considering buying a joint of beef, what is the best quality cuts for using in a roast dinner. Most chefs have different opinions on this, because it depends on how much fat you like on it, how easy it is to carve and how expensive it is. In my view the easiest and most flavour rich joints of beef are fore rib or back rib, however sirloin is probably the easiest to carve quality joints but per kilo is very expensive. Mainly I'd avoid silverside, top rump etc. My preference is fore rib. The only problem with using fore rib or especially back rib is the amount of fat on it. It also requires more technique to carve. Roasting it with the bone still in provides more flavour but it will mean it doesn't carve as easy. My advice is to either get your butcher to remove the bone or you attempt it yourself.

This can be done with a very sharp straight edges knife. Firstly make a cut at the point the bone and the flesh meet at the end. do this the whole length. You will probably need to cut about 2cm into the joint. With your fingers pull the joint of beef from the bone and slowly carve along the bone so that the knife is at 45* from the bone and meat. Keep prising the joint fro the bone as you go. if done right very little mast should be left on the bone.

Keep the bones they can help provide a trivet for the meat joint when you cook it.
Next trim any excess fat off the joint and then it will need to be trussed (tied).

To do this take a very long piece of string tie a loop in one end (one that pulls tighter as the long bit of the string is tugged. Put this around one end and tighten, do not over tighten so the meat bulges around the side but only enough so it will keep its shape. Next about 3cm from the first knot place your finger on the joint thread the string behind your finger and wrap around the joint so that it still stays 3cm apart all the way round. Thread the string all the way back through under where you are holding the string. Remove your finger and pull the string sharply in the opposite direction so the loop tightens. Repeat this all the way through then tie the string off. This should make the joint easier to carve.

Remember to well season the joint before cooking and seal in a pan before roasting.

Cook the joint in an oven @ 190*c for...

  • 20mins a lb + 20 mins= medium
  • 15mins a lb + 15 mins= rare
  • 30mins a lb + 20 mins= well done

Consider marinading beef first or cooking with a herb crust.