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Meat Cannelloni topped with ricotta beciamella.

Cannelloni is a nice and simple dish that combines a bolognese sauce fresh pasta, salsa pomodori and besciamella sauces. it is topped with with Parmesan and usually cooked and served in individual dishes.

For this dish you will need 1 x my fresh pasta recipe and 1 x my bolognese recipe. Both can be found under the Italian tag on this blog.


1x bolognese recipe
1x pasta recipe rolled out and cut into 5" x 4" rectangles
200g cooked spinach (make sure all the liquid is squeezed out)

For salsa pompodori

5 fresh vine tomatoes skinned and deseeded
1 medium onion diced
2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
1 small handful of fresh basil roughly chopped.
1 tablespoon of tomato puree
400ml of vegetable stock
25ml red wine
1 tsp sugar
seasoning to taste

For Ricotta beciamella

40g flour
40g butter
500ml milk
pinch of nutmeg
seasoning to taste
150g ricotta cheese

Parmesan to top


Firstly if you have freshly prepared the bolognese allow to cool for at least 1 1/2hrs. Roll pasta into rectangles. You should easily get 16 out of them. Allow to dry for 35 Min's.

Next to make the salsa you will need to sweat off the onions and garlic. Add the red wine and reduce the liquid by half. Next add the fresh tomatoes tomato puree and stock and simmer for about 30 Min's add seasoning sugar and fresh basil.

You must then turn your attention to the beciamella sauce, firstly melt butter on a low heat in a thick bottomed saucepan. Add the flour mix in well and leave to cook for a further 2Min's. Now gradually add the milk stirring in with every addition until all the milk is used. Add the seasoning and the nutmeg. Bring to almost boiling point stirring frequently. Add the ricotta and cook for a further 2Min's.

Divide the cooked spinach equally between the rectangles laying length ways down the middle of the pasta, fill to about 1/2cm from the ends.

Place a small amount of salsa in the bottom of your 4 oven proof/earthenware dishes.

Next add the bolognese to the top of each pasta rectangle, ensuring that they are not over filled and can still be rolled into tube shapes. lightly brush one edge with water and roll up from the opposite side so that when rolled the part you brushed with water seals the tube. Press lightly to do stick pasta together.

Next lift each tube off the chopping board and into the dishes, add the rest of the salsa to the top of the pasta tubes and then generously coat in the beciamella sauce.

Top with Parmesan and bake for 30-35 Min's at 190*c

Why not try using nettles instead of spinach for a far more robust flavour. Nettles have a taste not to dissimilar to spinach and are cooked in similar ways.