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Sweet strawberry mascarpone and mint filled pasta Tortellini served with Chantilly cream and summer fruit coulis!!!

No you haven't read it wrong here is a fantastic new style desert that is absolutely sublime and worth trying by any who wish to impress

The basis of this dish is to make a sweet version of fresh pasta substituting salt for sugar and olive oil for regular sunflower oil. The later of the two variations is mainly because olive oil has a far more intense flavour whereas for this dish a more subtle approach is needed. Also instead of tap water rose water is fantastic for this desert.

Serves 4



- 250g Strong flour
- 1 large egg
- 2 egg yolks
- 2tsp oil
- 25g icing sugar
- 1tbsp water


- 200g fresh Strawberries not too ripe though.
- 20g fresh mint + few sprigs to garnish
- 100g Mascarpone
- 1tsp Vanilla Essence
- 50g icing sugar

Chantilly cream

- 250ml double cream
- 1tbsp vanilla essence
- 25g icing sugar

Summer fruit coulis.

- 250g mixed summer fruits IE Raspberry strawberry blackberry and redcurrants (frozen work well for coulis as they need very little cooking time)
- 50g caster sugar
- squeeze of lemon juice
- 50ml water.


Firstly make the coulis by putting summer fruits in a pan onto boil with water sugar and lemon juice. Leave to simmer on low heat for 5Min's

Puree the mixture thoroughly and then pass through a sieve using the back of a tablespoon to pass the pulp through the mesh. You should then by now have just seeds and a small amount of flesh in the sieve. Discard this. Leave mixture to cool in the fridge for at least an hour.

Next to make the pasta you will need to either make it by hand or in a mixer, the latter being the fastest. Basically for the latter place all pasta ingredients into mix and blitz for around 3Min's until a coarse breadcrumb effect is achieved tip onto lightly floured surface and work it together with your hands bringing all the mix into one ball. Knead the pasta until it becomes smooth and elastic. Usually around 6-8 Min's.

To do this by hand pour flour onto work surface with the sugar make a well in the centre pour the eggs into the centre with water and oil. bring the flour around it into the liquid mixture and slowly work all the flour into the mixture until a ball is achieved and no flour remains. work this pasta by kneading it for 5-8 Min's until elastic and smooth.

Either way you do it the same desired result is achieved. Personally if i had the time i would do the latter for more authenticity. Wrap the pasta in clingfilm and refrigerate for 1hr.

Meanwhile to make filling combine the mascarpone, sugar and vanilla essence (or pods if you wish to splash out for a little more quality).

Take the tops off the strawberries and dice into small cubes and add too the mascarpone mix. Add finely chopped mint and stir mixture thoroughly. Refrigerate for one hour.

Once the pasta has been refrigerated place on lightly floured surface and knead for two minutes. Divide in two equal size pieces.

Roll out into a 1mm thick square, cut out as many 5cm circles as you can and leave them to one side. Do not throw away the excess it can be used again. Repeat with other ball. Then knead the excess pastry together and repeat with that. Now discard the remaining pasta it will probably be useless at this stage.

Now take each circle and place a small amount of mixture into the centre. lightly brush the edges with water. Now fold each one in half ensuring the mixture stays in the centre. use your fingers around the mix while pressing the edges together to help you. By now you should have half moon shapes that are sealed.

Brush the edges again and fold the corners round the top of the mixture, almost looking like a tulip. Press lightly together.

Put pan of water onto boil with a small amount of vegetable oil in.

For the cream lightly whip the cream sugar and vanilla together until it thickens but does not form peaks.

Place pasta to cook for 3-4 Min's in boiling water, then drain.

Divide into 4 bowls top with Chantilly cream and a generous swirl of coulis. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

I will post a picture demonstration on making pasta next time i make it.