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Traditional short crust Apple pie

This recipe for apple pie works well with my very buttery shortcrust pastry and should just melt in your mouth

The idea with this recipe is to create a sweet version of the pastry used in my steak pie one. Remember when doing this get some nice quality cooking apples with no bruising. Also try not to add too much sugar ideally you would want the sharpness of the apple to compliment the fatty tastes of the pastry.

Serves four



1lb - Cooking apples, skinned, cored and cut into 2cm thick slices.
75g - Sugar
1tsp - Cinnamon.
25g - Butter
1/2 - lemon juice

250g - Plain Flour
25g - caster sugar
1- egg yolk
120g - butter
1tbsp - ice cold water

To make pastry follow steps in basic steak pie recipe, however with this variation whisk the egg yolk with sugar until the sugar has dissolved.


Make pastry as stated in my steak pie recipe, leave to refrigerate for 30Min's.

Meanwhile peel core and slice your apples and preheat your oven to about 180*c

Roll out half your pastry for the base, remember try not to handle your pastry as the warmth in your hands will ruin it.

Place in a pie tin or i find even better a cake tin with a removable bottom. Best way to transfer pastry from a work surface to the tin is to start from one edge and roll the pastry lightly around the rolling pin. Similar to a Swiss roll effect. Now place one edge round the circumference of the tin overlapping around 1/4 inch and un roll pastry over the top allowing middle to sink into the tin.

Now press the pastry firmly around the outsides of the tin and ensuring it is pressed firmly into the base. For this it is best to use your fingers however running your hands under a cold tap and drying them off helps to decrease the surface temperature of your hands.

Layer the apple into the tin spreading evenly. Sprinkle with the sugar and Cinnamon.

Add small nobs of butter and a half a lemon's juice.

Roll out the remainder of the pastry, place on the top and press firmly together with the over hanging edges of the base. Trim pastry and piece the lid with a sharp knife in five or six different places.

You can egg wash the pastry (egg yolk and milk) but i prefer to have a more rustic look to the glossy finish.

Leave in fridge to rest for a further 30Min's and then bake in the oven for around 35Min's.

Serve with custard or fresh clotted cream ice cream.