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Steamed syrup sponge puddings.

Making steamed puddings is so simple to do and does not require the use of any expensive equipment. For this dish you will need 4 metal or heat resistant plastic moulds, a vegetable steamer. (Usually a pan with two attachable holed compartments). The recipe is not much different to a typical victoria sponge recipe and can easily be whipped up in 45 minutes from start to finish.


serves 4

  • 4oz softened butter
  • 4oz castor sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 4oz self rasing flour
  • 4tbsp Golden syrup


  • Make sure butter is left at room temperature till it is soft then in a mixing bowl bbeat it together with the sugar until the mixture becomes a light colour and is fluffy in texture. To make sure check to see the sugar has almost completely dissolved into the butter.
  • Next beat the eggs together and then slowly add to the butter mixture add on tsp of flour with each addition and beat into the mixture thoroughly before adding more egg. If you add the eggs to quickly the mixture will split and become unusable.
  • Once all the egg has been added, slowly add the flour and fold in gently, ensuring you do not beat the air out of the egg butter mixture.
  • Lightly butter 4 moulds, place a tbsp of golden syrup in the bottom of each and 3/4 fill each mould.
  • Next put your steamer onto the hob, make four large squares out of grease proof paper and place over the top of each mould. Secure with elastic bands or string so no condensation can get through and ruin the cake mix.
  • Cook in the steamer for around 30 mins, to check they are cooked push a knife through the top of one if the knife comes away clean it is cooked. If goo is left cook for a little longer.