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Celebraty Chef's, their cook books and which is the best.

In this modern day media driven society celebrity chefs have popped up in there dozens, all with fancy cook books, their own TV programmes and advice columns. So from a professional chefs point of view whose the best, who has the best recipe books, advice etc.

To these questions there is no simple answer seeing as opinions vary and in my view no, one chef has monopoly in all aspects of cooking. I don't just mean types of cuisine but even certain courses are better done by certain chefs. For example One chef could be top of his class on desserts but not good with starters. Chef's also have very different approaches to cooking, some rely on classical methods of cooking whereas some are more influenced on the modern movements which in some aspects fly in the face of the traditional.

Now in my opinion for the everyday cook, the traditional way is the best way, 1 usually less likely to get the recipe wrong and 2 recipes tend to be simpler. Well established ingredients and measurements. Plus i was taught the classical methods of most dishes which have given a far more solid base for my later development. Often the chefs using the classical cooking styles have better insight on why certain things are done to achieve the results required. For example answering questions such as why put sugar in home cooked tomato sauce (answers simple because tomatoes when cooked can make the sauce too sharp).

So whose the best classical celebrity chef, Brian Turner without a doubt is the best classical main corse chef out there. His recipes are great and the insight he gives is first rate. However dessert wise probably James Martin, some of his desserts are out of this world. Martin is really a combination of the new and old, in that he uses well established methods and ingredients but finds new ways to personalise them.

Most of the chefs out there have some good and bad recipes and despite what i have said about the two chefs above, if your looking for a cook book forget the celebrity chefs, go for a book that those in the profession would use. Practical cookery by Victor Ceserani, Ronald Kinton, David Foskett is probably on the top of the list, Le Guide Culinaire by Georges Auguste Escoffier is another, however the latter is not exactly novice friendly. Practical cookery is one of the main sources for all novice chefs and will be of great use to any household cook. These books are used by the profession for a reason!